With the college football season coming to a close, FMBK wonders who are you taking to win this years’ CFP National Championship. This year has had a roller coaster of potential teams that could have arrived to playing given the first year of the major college football playoff system. Everyone had the Florida State Seminoles as the favorite going into the season. However, the two teams who are now fighting for the national championship ring are the University of Oregon Ducks and Ohio State University Buckeyes.


 This game will not lack anything except boredom. With the championship game being a Big 10 vs Pac 12 this will hold all the excitement of the usual matchup of these two conferences in the beloved Rose Bowl. With Marcus Mariota of Oregon being the 2014 Heisman Trophy Winner and J.T. Barrett of Ohio State having been in the watch this will prove to be a matchup for the ages. #3 Oregon vs. #5 Ohio State who are you taking to take home the Crystal Football

The game airs on ESPN on January 12, 2015 at 7:30 Central Time


A New Found Success

Lo Keys

Merton Woolard, better known as Lo Keys to the general public, is a National Physique Committee Muscle Physique competitor from Fayetteville, NC. Lo Keys has been competing for just a few months. Though he is in incredible shape and has an amazing physique, it was being out of shape and slow metabolism that made him make a decision that has got him to where he is now. That decision was turning his bad habits into good habits. At first it started off as simply trying to lose a little bit of weight and improve his overall health. Then he started going to body building competitions with his trainer Cory Lansaw. Attending those competitions gave him a whole new outlook on fitness. Lo Keys then vowed that he was going to do everything it took to step on stage and compete. After weeks of hard work and dedication in both working out as well as dieting, Lo Keys was ready to step on stage and compete. In his first ever competition he took 1st place in the men’s class B, and 2nd overall in the Quincy Roberts Presents Muscle Heat. A few months’ later Lo keys competed in the Mid Atlantic Classic in Charlotte, NC where he took 6th in a class that was stacked from top to bottom. Lo Keys is now apart of the FMBK family, and is representing the brand in a very positive way.

Follow his success on Instagram @Lokeys910 and Twitter @Lokeys910.

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Walt Munoz Road To Glory

What is more important mind, body, or spirit? If you ask Walt Munoz he would probably tell you all three. FMBK had a chance to catch up with Walt before his show at Nationals. Bodybuilding has been his life. With a foundation set by track throughout high school and college fitness was always a major part of Walt’s life “ I started doing bodybuilding workouts around 2010-2011, however I didn’t consider doing a show until late 2013. Being that I work in the fitness/exercise field, I originally planned to do a show to simply build my resume.” I guess its just the family business. “All of the guys in my family lift weights on a consistent basis.. As far as competing, my uncle has been bodybuilding for about 12 years now.”


Training seems to prove that Walt is dedicated but can also has goals set. Not many can move the amount of weight in the gym that Walt is able to. “I’ve got 340lbs on bench press.. And 385lbs on squat.” What do you expect when your blasting Jeezy, Ross, Meek Mill, Kevin Gates, and Rocko during your workouts. I guess this is why he is moving up the ranks quickly. Having had his first show at the North Carolina State University Championships on April 14, 2014 and now performing on a national stage just shows his efforts paying off. His goal is to achieve his pro card and also add to the heat he has in his college. A fun fact about Walt is that is top 5 kicks in rotation right now Flint 13’s, Olympic 7, Air Max 2013, Flu Game 12’s and Toro 4. Hopefully he copped the Carmine 6s, but if not its because of his show on May 24, 2014 at nationals. Good luck and much love to Walt.


The Weeknd Camp


What is a structure without a foundation? Building a strong sense of self begins with laying the brickwork before beauty of personality can surface. William Stanback and Johnathan Childress are the co-founders of The Weekend Camp. The Weekend Camp does more than just put athletes on the field. They provide well-being and values that help elementary and elementary children to grow intellectually. According to one of the founders William Stanback, “If a participant doesn’t learn anything about football from are camp, we want them to know what it means to work hard.” Many camps are not able to reach kids past their athletic ability. Strength mentally, emotionally, and physically are the aspects for which the guys at The Weekend Camp pride themselves on. “We hope that the participants will take away different life lessons from our camp.”


            As many camps invite and work with athletes for one day, The Weekend Camp continues to go above and beyond a normal camp’s functions. These gentlemen choose to help athletes outside of the camp as well. Stanback himself states, “We are open to anyone who wants to enhance his or her skills, whether that is through the camp or on an individual basis. We want to help in any way that we can. If they want to work with us outside the camp we will definitely make an effort for that to happen.” Being pushed into the right direction athletically begins with testing mental strength and growing an individual from their soul. A team’s strength does not come from how much weight they can lift but their mental strength and dedication to achieve their goals. What does The Weekend Camp provide empowerment, growth, and positivity and yeah a little football to.Image

FMBK Laced with Nike Air Zoom Flight 98 “Duke”


FMBK is not just a mission but a way of life. Oh yeah, almost forgot to mention we have some pretty dope clothing to. With the release of the Nike Air Flight Zoom 98 dubbed GP The Glove I had to make sure I grabbed some more FMBK clothing. When I walked into Footlocker during spring break I grabbed the Duke colorway that dropped. The shoe consists of a blue upper spandex that gives a shine in the sunlight. The shoe also is comprised of a black inner mesh and blue fingers all wrapped around a blue outsole.

1912086_637493556321647_1191842997_nI knew immediately the sweater and shirts I could put with these shoes. The sweater is comprised of the same blue with two brothers standing representing the mission of FMBK. Who said you cant have your brother’s back and be fly at the same time. Make sure when you grab a pair of GP the Glove “Duke” you grab an FMBK shirt to get you right… I mean it’s only right!


Cam “Killaman” Taylor The Man Behind the Gloves


Watch his footwork. Lean back. Jab Jab Jab. Kick, slide, slide, he can’t touch you you’ve worked to hard here it comes make him tap make him tap.Submission! These are the constant thoughts Cameron has going through a fight. An animal locked in a cage while in the octagon. However, the questions remain who is Cameron outside of the arena. Pretty much the same guy in the ring. Cool, calm, and collected having fun, in and out of the ring, is what you will get from Cam on any given day in Florida. Cameron is a humble guy constantly smiling, giving handshakes, and a keeping a humble heart. Somebody that is seen everyday as a friend, a brother, and a great person. How does this Modern day Dr. Jeckle and Mr. Hyde coexist. In his own words “I will always remember where I came from.” Growing up in Florida Cam had no choice but to play sports. In a family that you either played sports or you played sports. There was no offseason for this multi sport athlete. When it wasn’t football, it was wrestling. Sounds like a promising future with a foundation being set at a young age. However, not everything that glitters is gold.


Cam experienced situations that would astonish many. At a young age Cam lost both parents. To many this would drive them insane. However, he had an amazing support system from the remainder of his family and friends. He is reminded everyday that he trains and fights. “I never fight alone. My parents are right there in there with me.” Cam takes it on his back that his parents are watching from above and helping him push through. Nothing comes easy “Its a grind. Training is a grind. I won’t attain my goals unless I go through it.” However, it is the grind that he puts himself through that keeps him grounded. No matter if his greatest matches came with him winning a title as an amateur or his first professional contest winning by knockout he is still a humble guy. Cam takes into account that he is just a regular guy not beneath or above anyone. He still works a 9-5 with the extracurricular life of mixed martial arts. This helps pave the way for him to hopefully soon take on MMA as a fulltime job.


However, while others would buy two or three properties, four or five cars, and a poodle, Cam’s first goal is to buy his sister a home and take care of her financially. Do not allow the hard punches and precision of kicks to fool you. Cam is an animal in the ring but lives by FMBK motto. Always remember love life and never forget who you are.

Congratulations to the Seahawks!

The Seattle Seahawks take Super Bowl XLVIII

Last Sunday, February 2, 2014, the Seattle Seahawks won their first Super Bowl, defeating the Denver Broncos 43–8. And make no mistake about it, the entire FMBK family was excitedly cheering the Seahawks all the way to victory. Obviously with our origins and strong ties to Tacoma, Washington, it is only right that we cheer for the home team; and they definitely made us proud, bringing home a championship to the 12th man!

FMBK is also proud to have a couple of players from the Seahawks as two of our biggest supporters. Jermaine Kearse and Earl Thomas have supported FMBK from day one, and they have been rocking the FMBK gear since the clothing line first dropped. And during the Super Bowl game, both players played a huge role towards the victory, as we cheered for each of them and every play they made. Congratulations to you both and thank you for the continued support! Continue reading

FMBK Teams Up With The Ques

The 10th Annual All Black Affair

A Night of Entertainment For Scholarship

What do you get when you put purple, gold, boots, and camouflage together? Usually the end results are a great deal of barking and stomping. However, when it comes to Omega Psi Phi Fraternity Inc. that is not all you will receive. Another year, and yet another great event is being put together by the brothers of Omega Psi Phi Inc. The Capital City Ques are holding their 10th Annual All Black Affair.Please don’t allow the stomping and aggressive nature fool you, these brothers know how to clean it up as well.

10th Annual All Black Affair

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Cam “Killaman” Taylor to Represent FMBK

FMBK Enters The Octagon with Taylor

Get To Know Killman Himself

Cam "Killaman" Taylor Right Hook

Cam “Killaman” Taylor, an up and coming professional MMA fighter with a ton of fight and passion, is now on board to represent FMBK clothing. While proudly wearing FMBK across his chest as he entered the ring, Taylor recently won his first professional fight by TKO, 28 seconds into the second round.

Currently the WCFL Lightweight Champion, Taylor has competed and placed top three in multiple grappling tournaments and is a blue belt in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, under trainer Joe “Bamboo” Wissman. As an amateur, Taylor was 6-1 with 4 submissions and one TKO and has now stepped up to start his professional career. Squatting 500 and deadlifting 405 at only 155, Taylor is not one to be underestimated.

But who’s the man behind the name Killaman? Why’d he choose FMBK to represent? I recently got the chance to get to know more about Mr. Taylor and to have these and other questions answered.

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The Lifestyle Before FMBK Clothing

Meet The Originator’s Of The Concept

FMBK – It all started off with us all growing up and playing sports with or against each other in the inner city. Six of us went on to play college ball and the bond is still strong today…


FMBK Clothing has not always been “FMBK Clothing.” Before the clothing line, FMBK was purely a lifestyle that a group of brothers lived, breathed, and believed in. These gentlemen laid the foundation for what FMBK clothing has become today. While the brand, FMBK Clothing hopes to present the lifestyle to the world, we still find it imperative to never forget the soul of what started it all. Allen, Brandon, Drem Joc, Jono, Julian, Mal, Quam, and Troy all took a vow, “Forever My Brothers Keeper” and have lived that lifestyle ever since.

You all have heard me say before, “FMBK is not a movement, but a way of life.”
However I did not want you to just take my word for it; I decided to ask a few of the originators to share their thoughts regarding the concept…

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